I’m not sure I can remember exactly why or when we decided to attempt a new fanzine.  I think it was a throwaway suggestion but the more we thought about it, the more we wanted to make it a reality.  

Fans of a certain vintage may remember City have fanzine previous, The Exe Directory and We’ll Score Again (can you see where the inspiration for our name came from now?) are a couple of examples in recent history, but when we started to tell people about what we were planning, more often than not the response was, it’s a stupid idea! Apparently, something called the internet meant that fanzines were now redundant.  We listened, thanked them for their comments, and thought bugger that, we’re doing it anyway!  Yes, the internet has had an impact on fanzines, but blogs, forums and all the social media out there just aren’t the same, not to us anyway.

I don’t think we appreciated how much time and graft was involved in getting the whole thing off the ground and that was before we even started to think about minor points such as who was actually going to write for it!  One thing led to another though and a little bit of persuasion, coercion and blackmailing later, we’d managed to rope in several more people who were willing to contribute to one extent or another.

And so, here we are, several seasons under our belt and still going strong. To say it’s been a pretty steep learning curve is an understatement but, usually through trial and error, we think we’ve got the hang of it. As well as thanking all of those who have volunteered their time to help in one capacity or another, we must also thank editors of longer-established fanzines for their tips. It goes against every natural instinct to recognise his contribution, but the editor of Argyle’s own fanzine, Rub of the Greens, was particularly helpful. Please don’t tell anyone we said that though.


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