Welcome to Some Sunny Day, the Exeter City fanzine started in 2013 by two City fans yearning for the good old days at the real St James' Park. The aim is very simple, to give City fans something informative, opinionated, different and, above all, funny, to read on matchdays and beyond.

2018/19 is our sixth season running which probably qualifies us for an award, we just haven’t worked out what yet. Some back issues from previous seasons can still be bought so please check here to see what’s available. You can also subscribe for the coming season here.

Our website is unlikely to win awards but, as far as we know, everything works. If you should spot something that doesn’t do what it’s meant to, please feel free to point out our shortcomings by contacting us here.

Last but by no means least and just because our legal eagles told us to say it, we’re 100% independent, and all views expressed within the fanzine, on this website and our twitter and facebook pages are entirely those of the writers and don’t necessarily represent the opinions of the editors, other contributors, Maurice Wright, or the official line.

Finally, and most importantly, we hope that you enjoy it as much

as we’ve enjoyed putting it all together!



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